How to Setup a "Fuel/Diesel" Item

If you charge your customers for fuel/diesel, you may need to create an item to track this.

We'll go over the best way to setup & use this item below.

Creating the "Fuel/Diesel" Item

  1. Go to Setup > Items and click +New Item.
  2. Name the item Appropriately, and set the Item Type to Misc (or Similar)
Consider adding it to a category, if you've got multiple kinds of fuel charges.
  1. Expand the Configuration section, and tick the Non-Stock checkbox. (This means stock levels won't be tracked)
  2. Go to the Rates/Prices tab and select the Each unit, while setting a price per unit of fuel/diesel.
  3. Save Changes

Using the Fuel/Diesel Item

You can add the fuel/diesel item manually, but a good suggestion is to add it as a Companion to the parent item as this will prompt you to add fuel automatically when the parent item is added to a sales record.

Before the hire, set the fuel/diesel item's QTY to 0, and when the invoice is returned you can simply input the litres used.

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