Controlling Invoice Numbers

HirePOS automatically increments the invoice number for new quotes bookings and invoices to the next number after the highest previously entered one.

For example, if you have invoices in your system from #1 to #121, the next new record created will be #122.

Following are some frequently asked questions around invoice numbers, and their answers.

I want my invoice numbers to start from a higher number

Higher invoice numbers can help make new businesses appear more 'established' to their customers. More importantly, setting a starting invoice range can be critical for existing businesses to ensure no conflicting invoice numbers are created, which could lead to an accounting nightmare.

Getting HirePOS to begin incrementing from a higher number is simple:

  • On the next invoice you create, manually set the invoice number to be the first number in the new sequence of numbers (for example, to get HirePOS to start incrementing from 5001, set the invoice number to 5001 )

I have accidentally set a previous invoice to a very high number, and now all my invoice numbers are too big

HirePOS will create new invoices with an invoice number one higher than the previous highest number.

That is unless you enforce a restriction to tell HirePOS to work another way.

Assume we are working with the following data set:

Existing Invoices

Unused Numbers, Desired Range for New Invoices

Existing Invoices




With used invoice numbers as above, the next new invoice HirePOS creates will be numbered 10004. We want it to be 2006.

To achieve this, we are going to tell HirePOS that we don't want to allow any invoice numbers greater than 10000 to be created.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Restrictions
  2. In General Restrictions set Maximum Invoice No. allowed: to 10000 (or whatever your situation dictates)
  3. Press Save Changes

From this point, HirePOS will look for the highest previous invoice that is less than the Maximum Invoice No. allowed setting, and increment up from there.

Can I have letters or prefixes on my invoices?

Not exactly. HirePOS does not support the use of anything except numbers (0-9) for invoice numbers. However, the Xero and MYOB exporters will prefix the invoices with a HP to prevent unforeseen clashes with existing invoice numbers.

As an alternative there is an option for 'versioning' invoices, which is available in the Other tab on the Sales Record (quote/booking/invoice) screen.

By default, the Invoice Version field is an 'internal use only' field, and will not be displayed to your customers. It is possible to have your invoice template edited to display this number in a way that suits your needs. Please read the article on Custom Report Templates and feel free to get in touch if you believe you require this modification.

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