HirePOS Calendar iCal Feed (Google, Microsoft, Apple and more)

HirePOS lets you subscribe to your HirePOS calendar using your Google Calendar via iCal. This is a great way to be able to view a very general overview of your day/week on your phone or computer without having to log into HirePOS. Additionally, it allows you to share basic job information with non HirePOS users, which can be useful in certain applications.

This feature will also work with Apple and Microsoft Outlook calendars, among others. The process on the HirePOS side is identical, however the 'subscribe to iCal' process may differ for your provider. Please consult your calendar providers documentation for more information.

How it works

HirePOS can be set up to provide certain bits of to a calendar. This is a one-way transmission. HirePOS hosts a copy of a calendar that you are able to 'subscribe' to using your calendar application of choice. This information is not editable from your calendar application, it is read-only. Changes to information from within HirePOS will be reflected in your calendar.

Refresh Delay
Although not commonly reported as an issue, some calendar platforms may only look for updates and changes every 24h or so. This can mean that changes made in HirePOS may not appear in your calendar application for up to 24h. In many instances, the updates are close to instant. The only way to know what to expect is to try it with your setup.

What information can I have on my calendar?

HirePOS allows you to place any combination of the following in the Title and Description of your calendar entries:

  • Customer Name
  • Type (Quote/Booking/Invoice etc)
  • Invoice No
  • Date From
  • Date To
  • Date/Time From
  • Date/Time To
  • Customer PO
  • Reference

In addition to the above data, there are two configurations for the calendar events:

  • Display each booking as two calendar events, i.e. Booked From & Booked To.
  • Display each booking as a single calendar event. (spans the entire time between the Date/Time From and Date/Time To)

Subscribe with Google Calendar (in Chrome)

You need to be signed into your Google account with Google chrome to subscribe using this method
  1. From the main screen in HirePOS v5, click the Calendar button OR go to Sales > Calendar from the menu strip at the top.
  2. In the Calendar screen, click the cog next to the Filters button.
  3. Copy all the text from the iCal link (Subscribe calendars to iCal URL) field to your clipboard.
  4. Go to your Google Calendar via your Google Chrome web browser on your computer.
  5. In the website address box (the URL at the top) of Chrome, paste in the iCal link from your clipboard to overwrite the existing URL.
    A popup prompt will appear, confirming that you want to add the calendar.  Click "Add".
    Google will check the HirePOS calendar approx every 24 hours and update your Google Calendar events accordingly.  There is no more action required.

Subscribe using Manual Method

If the above does not work for you, or if you are using a browser other than Google Chrome, you will need to do the following.

The process my be slightly different for calendar providers other than Google. Please check your calendar providers documentation.
  1. Click the menu button at the top-left in Google Calendar to view all of your subscribed calendars.
  2. Click the round + plus icon just next to the "Other Calendars" section.
  3. Click "Subscribe to calendar".
  4. Click the "From URL" link on the left.
  5. Then in the "From URL" box, paste the iCal Link URL that you copied from HirePOS.
  6. The click "Add calendar".

Adjusting How your Calendar Entries Look

Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's > iCal Calendar Feed

There is a copy of the same iCal link seen above in this document available here
  • You can select between showing one entry for the whole booking, or a small entry for both the start and the end of the booking.
  • You can use Placeholders to formulate the way you want your summary and description text to show in google calendar.

Be sure to press Save Changes when you are complete.

More Information

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