Serial Tracking

Serial Tracking is optional and allows you to better track items with a Quantity For Hire greater than 1 (Bulk item).

For example, you can set up an item called "5m Lead" and enter the Quantity For Hire for 20, then set up all the individual serial numbers for each of the leads to track them individually rather than just hiring out or servicing X number of items.

How to Add Serial Numbers to a Bulk Item

  1. From the menu strip at the top of the main screen, go to Setup > Items.
  2. Search for the item you wish to add serial tracking to, and click the item to edit.
  3. In the Basics section on the first tab, click the Serial Tracking button to the right of the Quantity For Hire field.
  4. You are then taken to the Serial Tracking screen, and a row is listed for each number of items you have entered in the Quantity For Hire.
  5. Enter serial numbers for each item into the Serial Number 1 column. The Serial Number 2 and Serial Number 3 columns are additional references for items that consist of multiple components and have more than one serial number. Serial Number 1 will be the main number used for scanning.
    Note that total serial numbers entered should be the same as the Quantity For Hire.
  6. Click Save Changes when completed.

Utilising Serial Numbers in Sales Records

Once you've got serial numbers recorded for an item, it can be used in multiple places in the program, including the Sales > Dispatch screen, Sales > Returns and when Editing a Invoice or Booking.

Scanning into an Invoice/Booking

  1. On the Sales Record screen (Quote/Booking/Invoice), add the bulk item (qty greater than 1) you wish to scan serial numbers in with.
  2. Specify the Qty/Items column with the number of items going out on the Hire.
  3. Click the Options dropdown below the Hire-dates, Select Serial tracking.
  4. Use the dropdown to the right of the Scan Serial Barcode field to scan a code in manually. Otherwise, you can use your barcode scanner device or similar. This will specify that Serial Number as being on the Sales Record.
  5. You will then need to scan in any additional serial numbers to match the Qty on the Invoice/Booking, so that the Dispatched column shows as complete.

Scan out via the dispatch screen

This is an alternative to scanning in via the Invoice screen above.

  1. Add your Bulk item to an invoice, and specify the Qty. Save the invoice.
  2. Go to Sales > Dispatch and select the pending Booking or Invoice you added your items to.
  3. Use the Dropdown to select the required amount of serial numbers, then the Dispatched column will show as completed.
  4. Once all items have been scanned in, you can then follow the standard Dispatch process

Scanning in items via the returns screen

When you need to Return bulk items from an On-Hire Invoice, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Sales > Returns screen and click the Serial Tracking button.
  2. Use the dropdown to the right of the Serial Number field to select and return a Serial Number.
  3. Then proceed with the normal Returns process for any other items if required.
Did you know, you can also use a Barcode scanner instead of the Dropdown to input serial numbers?

Scanning Items into Maintenance Records

This section assumes you have are familiar with the Maintenance module help doc.

If you select a bulk item on a maintenance record, a Quantity Serviced field will appear alongside a Serial tracking button.

  1. Specify the Quantity Serviced, then click the Serial Tracking button.
  2. Use the dropdown to select a serial number, or type/scan them in manually.
  3. Click Save changes.

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