All hire items on an invoice are returned by simply entering the 'Hired To' date/time on the Invoice page.

Partial returns and returns in general are best completed by clicking the Returns button on the main page. This opens the Returns page which only lists items that are currently 'On Hire'.

  1. You can lookup an item currently on hire, an invoice, or a customer, by entering the name or code in the Search for returns box.  The purpose of this first step is to find the Invoice with the items to be returned.  If the invoice has three lines of items to be returned then all three lines will show in the search results.
  2. Click any of the lines and the customer invoice details will be shown with all the hire items listed on the invoice to be returned.
  3. The Return Date will default as the current date/time.  Change if required.
  4. Check off the items returned.
  5. If the items are partially returned then enter the quantity returned in the Returned column, enter the quantity of damaged items separately in the Damaged column. The balance is calculated as 'Still Hired'.
  6. Click the Return Items button when completed.

To view the hire status of the individual items on the invoice page you can click the 'Show Line Details' link on the top left of the line items grid (between the grid and the hire dates). This expands out the invoice lines and shows any individual hire dates (if different to invoice dates) and any partially returned quantities and quantity still on hire. These values can be adjusted manually here as well.

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