Email/Review Invoices

This screen can be used to email or Review invoices in bulk and can be accessed via Sales > Email/Review Invoices

Emailing Invoices

Emailing invoices is very simple:

  1. Select which filters you need
  2. Select which ones you want to send, then click Email Invoices button.

This will use your default email template.

If you use the Draft/Approve process as below, you may want to also click the Filters button, and Show Approved only

Reviewing Invoices

This process allows you to view each invoice and approve them first, before emailing or exporting to your accounting software.

You can also combine this with the Draft/Approved restriction setting.
This will mean other users cannot export Sales records unless they are approved, and approved records will be locked, preventing further changes.
  1. Click the review button.
  2. This will give you a invoice preview popup.
  3. You can either click the Approve or the Approve & Next button.
  4. Approve & Next will approve the invoice and take you to the next invoice.

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