Lag Time

Lag Time is extra time in addition to the hire period where items are not available.  This is typically due to cleaning and other preparation tasks, or it may include delivery/pickup time.  The lag time is outside of the period the customer is charged for the hire of goods.  For example, hire equipment may have to be cleaned after it is returned before it can be hired out to the next customer, and it typically takes 24 hrs before the job is completed.  In this scenario you can add 24 Hours Lag After Time for the job, and the equipment will be blocked out in Availability for that period in addition to the hire period.   

How to add lag time to a Booking/Invoice

  1. In the Booking/Invoice screen, click the Other tab.
    The Lag Hrs Before and Lag Hrs After fields are located half way down.
  2. Enter a numeric value for the Lag Hrs.
  3. Checking the Reminder checkbox to the right of the lag time fields will show the Lag Time on the Reminders List on the main screen.

How to default the lag time for new bookings and invoices

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Hire/Invoice Dates.
  2. Enter a numeric value in the Default Lag Time Hours Before or After fields.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Checking the Autocalc Delivery/Pickup dates from Lag Time box will automatically calculate the Delivery and Pickup dates based on the Booked From and Booked To dates +/- the Lag Time Hrs.

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