Bank Account Details

A key step in getting paid is supplying bank details to your customers on your documentation.

There is a dedicated place to do this in HirePOS v5, Setup > Business Details.

Displaying your Bank Details on Your Sales Documents

By default, Bank Details are not visible on Quotes.
They are visible on Reservations, Bookings, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Contracts.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Business Details.
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom and enter
    1. Your Bank Name (e.g ANZ)
    2. Your Bank Account Name (e.g AnyDay Hire Pty Ltd)
    3. Your BSB Number (e.g 123456) (N/A for New Zealand users)
    4. Your Bank Account Number (e.g 987654321)
  3. In addition to these details, a "reference" will be visible on your document, which will be identical to the 'Number' of the Sales Record (i.e the 'Invoice Number')

Branches Module

If you're using the branches module, and you have separate bank accounts for each branch, you have the option to show these account details in the Direct Deposit section on your Invoice templates. Use the following steps to set up the banking details for each Branch. Test your invoice preview for the various branches after setting up the banking details as your Tax Invoice may not be configured to use the Branch details. Contact us to have your template updated if this is the case.

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Branches.
  2. Click a Branch to edit, or create a new Branch.
  3. Click the Bank Details section to expand, and enter the banking details for the branch.

Bank Details FAQ's

Why aren't My Bank Details showing on my quotes
In past versions of the software, many users were encountering an issue where their customers were immediately paying against a quote. Considering that a Quote in HirePOS Does not reserve items from a double booking perspective, this creates a possibility for customers to pay for items that cannot be delivered.
Consider making use of the Reservation sales record mode to both display your bank details, AND reserve the items for the customer.
My documents are displaying my bank details twice
It is highly likely you have you bank details recorded somewhere other than the dedicated bank details section discussed above.
This commonly happens in the Invoice Message, Invoice Terms or Payment Terms fields.
Luckily, the settings that default all of these are in the same place.
Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Sales and remove any mention of bank details from all fields on this screen. Create a New Invoice and check to see if the duplication is resolved.

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