Branch Quantities (Sales Items)

This article assumes that you have the Branches Module activated and configured.

With the Branch module activated, HirePOS can track Sales stock levels on a branch by branch basis.

This works similar to the conventional Stock Control, but allows you to define a Last Stocktake Qty and Stocktake Date for each individual branch. This way, it is possible to track stock levels of sales items across multiple branches.

Setting up a Sales Item to use Branch Quantities

  1. Navigate to Setup > Items.
  2. Open or create a Sales Type Item
  3. Navigate to the Stock Control Tab
  4. Click Branch Quantities
  5. You will have a seperate line for each Branch you have configured, Define a Last stocktake date and a Last stocktake Qty.

Much the same as the conventional method, this acts as an Opening balance any changes to stock levels after that date will be taken into account to calculate the Quantity in stock.

You can also view Stock movements for each individual Branch by clicking on the Clock icon at the right hand side of each row.

In a case where you are simply moving stock between branches, you can use the Branch Transfer function.

Additionally, in Setup > Items > Sales Tab if you have a branch filter enabled, it will display the Quantity in stock for that branch only, as opposed to all stock across all branches.

If you do not require this feature, you can disable it by going to Setup > Preferences > Misc > Other > Disable Sales Stock Control At Branch Level.

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