City/Postcode Zones

How to set up Cities and Postcodes

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Delivery/Pickup.
  2. Click the City / Postcode List menu list option.
  3. Click the New City/Postcode button to add in new city/postcode locations as required.
  4. Note: The Prompt field is not currently active, and is for future development to display a prompt when the city/postcode is selected via the City dropdown throughout all screens.
  5. Use the Zone dropdown to assign a Zone to the city/postcode for delivery/pickup schedule and delivery pricing purposes.

See the Zones help doc for further information on Zones.

Where can you select a preset City/Postcode?

City/Postcodes are currently selected via the following screens.

  • City dropdown list in Sales/Hire > Customer Overview.
  • City dropdown list in Setup > Customers > Customer Details > Address / Zone.
  • City dropdown in Invoice screen > Delivery/Pickup details.
  • City dropdown list in Setup > Delivery/Pickup > Locations > Location Details.
  • Delivery City dropdown list in Events > New Event.
  • City dropdown list in Projects > New Project.

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