Finance Module

The finance module is designed primarily for appliance rental businesses working on a cash basis for tax purposes, that receive scheduled payments weekly or fortnightly.

How to register the finance module

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Modules.
  2. Check the Finance box.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Under the Reports menu you should now see a Finance report category option.

Setting finance payment options for an invoice

Typically a single invoice will be created for the whole rental contract period. For example the contract may be for 12 months, with 52 payments at weekly intervals.

  1. Create a new Invoice or edit an existing Invoice.
  2. In the Invoice screen, click the Extras menu at the top right, then click Finance Settings.
  3. The Loan Amount will default to Invoice amount.
    Set the Loan Term (Months).
  4. Enter the Repayment Amount the customer will be required to pay at each payment interval, i.e. each week or fortnight.
  5. Enter the Start Date and Finish Date for the contract.
  6. Set the Payment Frequency Interval. If payment is required per fortnight, then set as Weekly and then set the Payment Frequency Number as 2.
  7. Leave the Extended Finish Date blank. This may be used if the contract is to be extended to allow for late payments.


The finance reports assist with understanding a customers current payment status and what payments are expected to be received on any given day. These are located under Reports > Finance.

Finance Payments Due

Displays all payments that are expected to be received on a specific day.

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