Pin Payments (Store Customers Credit Card)

Customer credit cards can be stored and re-charged at a later date for ongoing hire charges or for security purposes in case hire equipment is damaged. Cards are stored with Pin Payments in a secure and tokenised PCI Compliant manner. i.e. once the card is stored, the card details cannot be retrieved via HirePOS and used elsewhere. You can only re-charge the card through HirePOS if/when it is required. Cards should be 'destroyed' once they are no longer required.

Store a customer card without receiving payment

  1. From the menu strip at the top, go to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview.
  2. Look up an existing customer or add a new customer. Ensure the customer has a full address and email recorded, as you cannot store a card without these details.
    Switch on the Address Lookup feature to ensure address details are entered accurately.
  3. Click the Credit Card button located to the right of the customer details.
  4. In the Credit Card popup, enter the card details, i.e. Cardholder Name, Card Type, Card Number, Expiry Date, CVC.
  5. Click the Save button to save the card details.
    You can now charge this card at a later date via the Invoice Payment screen.

Store a customer card when receiving a payment

  1. Receive a card payment as per the Invoice Payment help doc.
  2. In the Card Payment screen, check the Save card for future payment check box, which is located just below the card details section.

Destroy a card

Once the hire is completed, the card should be destroyed. Unless it is an ongoing customer who has permitted you to store their card for ongoing business transactions.

  1. From the menu strip at the top, go to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview.
  2. Look up the existing customer.
  3. Click the Credit Card button.
  4. Click the red Destroy button to remove the card token from the system and prevent any further charges to the card.

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