Maintenance Module (Overview)

The maintenance module enables several features that allow you to keep track of inspections, services, meter readings and On-site jobs/Services.

As with all modules, it can be enabled in Setup > Preferences > Modules.

We'll go over some of the features below.

Equipment Overview

This screen allows you to look at an overview for all your items, telling you information such as last service, meter reading and Next Service due dates in one screen.

Maintenance Record

The core of the maintenance module, allows you to enter in costs & parts required for a maintenance. Also blocks out the item's availability.

Inspection Checklists

Most commonly used for Pre and Post hire checklists. Or, simply just some standard scheduled inspections.

On-Site Service Schedule

This feature allows you to Schedule services to On-Hire Invoices and can also be added to the Delivery/Pickup schedule.

Meter Readings

This feature lets you set items as Metered, this can represent any unit of measurement, but you can use this to schedule Next Service due reminders.

Test & Tag

This feature allows you to do simple Pass/Fail Test & Tag checks for your items, and will list the Test & Tag status of your items.

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