Availability Preferences

To open preference settings for the Availability screen, click the cog icon to the right of the Filters button.

General Settings

Paging Size

Sets the number of records displayed per page in the Availability screen. Setting a higher number will display more records, however the load time will be much slower.

When clicking the Check Availability link in the Items dropdown of the Booking screen, the number of availability results returned is also determined by this paging number.


Switch on the Show Item Type filter and Show Sub-Category filter if you need these extra filters to refine your availability list of items shown.

Show Current Location

Show Current Location Pin for single hire items displays a pin icon next to the item which when clicked will open Google Maps and direct you to the current location of the item based on the delivery/pickup address details. Items that are not currently on hire are shown with the home icon.

Show single hire items 'out' as numbers

This setting shows items that have a Quantity For Hire set to 1 as numbers rather than 'bars'. It is particularly useful if you need to see overbookings of singular items, as typically these items will overlap when displayed as bars.

Bar Z-Order

This section allows you to drag and drop the layer order in which the bars appear for singular items. Drag a bar to the top to bring the bar to the front in a higher priority order.

Bars are initially set to a recommended order. We suggest minor adjustments and experimenting with one bar at a time as required. For example, you may prefer Maintenance to show as highest priority.

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