Online Store (iFrame)

The iFrame option allows you to host the HirePOS Online Store content within an existing web page on your site. To eliminate two scrollbars on the web page (one for the page and one for the iFrame) you should reduce the height of the header section on your web page as much as possible. We have some javascript code that your developer can use on the web page to automatically resize the iFrame section based on the browser window size.

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Online Store.
  2. Click the Preview tab.
  3. Under the iFrame option section, click on the URL link to open the HirePOS v5 Online Store - iFrame Code web page.
  4. On the web page, click the Show Code button.
  5. Copy the code provided or forward the web page link to your website developer.

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