The Events Module - Creating an Event

The events module is a tool specifically aimed at businesses in the events and entertainment industry. The module works by linking multiple records together, including all sales records (Quotes, Bookings, Invoices) and Purchase Orders into one central space. This can be very helpful in a case where multiple customers or specific delivery locations are being serviced as apart of the one project.

It also allows the user to generate picking slips and delivery documents for the event as a whole, which can speed up operations significantly in particular instances.

Finally, you are able to report specifically on events, allowing for an improved "bigger picture" view of complex projects.

To activate the Events module, navigate to Setup > Preferences > Modules, select the Events module, and then press Save.

Creating an event

  1. Navigate to Events > New event
  2. Fill in the Event Name
  3. Add a Delivery Address for the event.
    1. In the case of a larger or widespread event, you can be general on this point, and more specific on the individual invoices that you assign to the event.
  4. Set the Booked From date to be the first date that the equipment will be at the event site (usually the first day of bump in or delivery)
  5. Set the Booked To date to the date that all of the equipment is expected to be returned to your premises.
  6. Add comments that will help you identify the event, or anything you will need to be reminded about on delivery (these will appear on the Event Delivery Instructions report)
  7. Press Save New

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