Pin Payments (Refunds)

This article assumes you have read the Pin Payments Summary help doc:

Refunds can be processed against existing Pin Payment card payments, up to the the total value of the original payment. You can only process a refund on an Invoice (or Booking) that is in Refund mode and shows Refund Due in red text at the bottom right of the Invoice screen.

  1. From the Invoice screen, click the dropdown to the right of the red Refund button.
  2. Click the Card Refund (Pin Payments) option to open the Pin Payments screen.
  3. Ensure the customer details are correct, and the required fields are populated.
  4. If the customers card has been previously stored, the basic details and last 4 digits of the card will show. Otherwise you will need to manually enter the card details.
  5. Select the original payment to apply the refund to from the Original Payment dropdown.
  6. Click the red Pay Now button at the bottom right of the screen.
    Note that any validation errors will appear in red, otherwise you will be redirected back to the Sales screen to get an overview on the customer.

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