Hire Stocktake

Hire items are functionally very different from sales as you may not be able to have all items available to do your stocktake.

So to combat this, HirePOS will calculate how many you have total (Qty For Hire), and work out the variance based on the Qty Expected (Qty for Hire, minus the Qty Currently on Hire).

From these values, you should be able to accurately perform a stocktake.

Creating a New Stocktake

  1. Go to Setup > Item Related > Hire Stocktake
  2. Click the New Stocktake button, and input the counted values into the Stocktake Qty column.

As stated above, the variance is calculated based on the Qty expected column.

This is the amount you should have on-hand currently. NOT the total.

Using Barcodes

You can also do the stocktake via Scanning barcodes via the Scan barcodes button at the top of the screen.

This functions the same as inputting numbers manually, but will increment the stock up by one with each scan.

Unlike the Sales Stocktake, Hire Items will NOT have their Qty automatically adjusted, due to the potential complexity with hire availability.
The main purpose of this screen is as a tool to assist you during stocktake.

Applying Your Stocktake

Because the Qty can't be updated automatically, we recommend clicking the Preview Hire Stocktake button and printing it out as a reference.

Then using the Stock Adjustments function at the top of the Setup > Items screen to add or remove stock as required.

Using the Stock Adjustments tool will also give you an audit trail, as opposed to simply editing the Qty for hire in the item details, which will not.

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