About HirePOS

Since the initial development of HirePOS hire and rental software in 2005, HirePOS Pty Ltd has provided solutions to over 600 businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. From its beginnings in builder and landscape equipment hire, the software has evolved over the years to meet the demands of scaffolding, party hire, audio/visual, medical equipment, and most other hire and rental types. It’s ease of use and flexibility in terms of customisation, along with fast support and friendly service has made the software a popular choice amongst hire and rental businesses alike. From the outset, the full working program is easily accessed via your web browser from any device, no installs or updates required.

A remote session can also be setup that allows you to see the program demonstrated live at a time convenient to you. It is important to mention there are no hidden costs and you only purchase what you actually need. You do not have to pay exorbitant costs for a program with functions you do not require. However, optioning the program up with various modules and hardware can be accommodated at any stage. HirePOS has been designed to assist you in keeping a much closer eye on your equipment by tracking utilisation and providing the necessary reports to assist you in running your business much more efficiently and profitably. The program assists you with scheduling and what equipment needs to be acquired next, as well as advising where you can make adjustments in your operations to give you a better return on investment. HirePOS is flexible, reliable, and affordable.

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