Sales/Hire Records

Booking & Invoice details are recorded through the same page.  You can enter a new booking and later change it over to an invoice, or you can enter a new invoice immediately.  The key difference between a Booking and an Invoice is that Bookings are not regarded as a Sale. A booking will only have the estimated Booked From and Booked To dates. When the booking actually goes on hire, the Hired From date is entered. When the hire is returned the Hired To date is entered.

How to add a new Quote, Booking or Invoice

  1. From the Main Menu, Sales/Hire > Customer Overview.  This page allows you to select an existing customer, or setup a new customer on the spot.
  2. Select a customer from the Search for Customer box, or click the New Customer button if the customer has not been previously set up. 
  3. Click the New Quote, New Booking or New Invoice button as required.  If this is an advanced booking and you are not charging out the items to the customer immediately then you should choose New Booking.
  4. Very Important: Quotes are NOT included in double-booking checks, whereas Bookings & Invoice are.  If you wish to allocate the stock for double-booking purposes you should create a Booking rather than a Quote.  The Booking can always be cancelled at a later time.
  5. Enter the Booked From and Booked To dates. 
  6. Staff is automatically select based on the user login.
  7. Select the item to book or hire from the Code column.
  8. Note:  The item invoice line will highlight in red and show in the Double-Bookings tab if the item is double-booked, where you can click the Availability (DrillDown) button for multiple items to view details on availability. In some cases the check will not complete until the invoice actually saved, in which case the warning will be shown on the next landing page.
  9. Ensure that the Qty/Units is correct by reviewing the Time Span (Estimated) and check that the Price and Tax columns are correct.
  10. Click Save when completed or Receive Payment if customer is paying ‘on the spot’.
  11. Sales records can be preview and printed or emailed.

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