Invoice Link (Email Template Placeholder)

The invoice link {InvoiceLink} placeholder in email templates inserts a clickable link into the email message which directs your customer to a web page to make a card payment (which is processed through the Pin Payments payment gateway).  The payment record is also automatically created in HirePOS which saves on administration time.

How to set up your Pin Payments account

  1. To receive payments by card directly into HirePOS you can set up an account with Pin Payments at
  2. Log into your Pin Payments dashboard, then go to the Account tab towards the bottom left of the page.
  3. Under the "Payment Tools" section, click the "API Keys" link.
  4. Copy/paste the Secret and Publishable API keys into the relevant Pin Payments fields in HirePOS v5 under Setup > Preferences > Accounting/API's.
  5. In HirePOS, ensure that you have set up a clearing account for pin payments under Setup > Bank Accounts.  If you are using the full bookkeeping functionality of HirePOS you will need to set up a customer/supplier for Pin Payments so that you can create transfer transactions to move money from the clearing account to your business account.     
  6. In Setup > Preferences > Accounting/API's, you need to select this account as the Pin Payments account.  Any card payments (using Pin Payments) via the Booking/Invoices page will be auto-generated and received into this account.

How to insert the Invoice Link placeholder

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates/Settings.
  2. Use the 'Insert Placeholder' dropdown to the right of the 'Default Email Message' to insert the {InvoiceLink} placeholder or alternatively enter the text {InvoiceLink} into the message where you would like the link to appear.  For example: Please pay your {Type} by card via {InvoiceLink}.
    We recommend that you set up a test invoice to your business for $1.00 and send an email to test the process before sending to your customers.  This will ensure your API settings are correct before going 'live'.

How to automatically convert an Quote or Booking to an Invoice on payment

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Default Payment Settings.
  2. Check the relevant boxes to suit your requirements, i.e. Convert Quote to Invoice on payment, Convert Booking to Invoice on payment.  You can also convert a Quote to Booking on payment.
    The {InvoiceLink} will follow these rules and convert the transaction type automatically for you.

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