Hire & Invoice Date Defaults

To access this screen, go to Setup > Preferences > Hire & Invoice Date Defaults.

Side By Side Date/Time Picker

By default, times are selected via the 'time' icon at the top of the calendar popup. This setting changes the time picker to be displayed side by side with the date picker.

Use 24 Hr Time

This setting displays date/times in 24 Hour format rather than the default 12 Hour AM/PM format.

Default Time From

The "default time" fields are used to automatically set the booking times on new sales.  These are just defaults, they can be overwritten in the sales screen if required.

Set the default 'Time' for the 'Booked From' field for new Bookings. The 'Date' will default to the current date.

Default Time To

Set the default 'Time' for the 'Booked To' field for new Bookings. The 'Date' will default to the current date.

Set 'Invoice Date' to current date when converting to Invoice

For Bookings that are created months in advance, you may prefer the Invoice Date to automatically switch to the current date once the Hire is started, to keep your revenue figures in the current month.

Default 'Booked To' as TBA

If your bookings and hires normally have an unknown 'Booked To' (Return Date) then checking this option will save you manually selecting TBA on the Booking/Invoice every time.

Autocalc Delivery/Pickup dates from Lag Time

Lag Time can be used to create a buffer between the start and end of the hires to allow for delivery/pickup or cleaning and preparation and so on. Delivery/Pickup dates can be manually selected separately from the Booking/Hire dates, however checking this option will automatically populate these dates based on the lag time.

Default Lag Time Hours Before/After

You can set the number of hours you would like the Lag Time to default to for all jobs.

Copy 'Booked To' to 'Hired To' for Off Hires (on Pickup Schedule completed)

'Booked To' is normally copied to 'Hire To' when the jobs are completed in the Delivery/Pickup Schedule. When 'Off Hires' are used, this action is normally supressed. Checking this option will override this, and the Booked To date will be copied to the Hired To date when completing a Pickup in the Delivery/Pickup Schedule regardless.

Set 'Invoice Date' to

This section allows you to configure the automatic date settings on your invoices if required. The checkboxes will each set the Invoice Date to the Booking or Hire dates.

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