Damage Charges

When returning hire items to stock, damages can be automatically charged on the invoice, and the stock count reduced accordingly.

How to set up a Damage Charge Unit

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Item Related > Selling Units.
  2. Click the New Selling Unit button.
  3. Enter the Unit Description, Damage or Replacement for example.
  4. Click the Other tab.
  5. Check the Damage Charge Unit box.
  6. Click the Save New button.

In Setup > Items, you can now edit your hire stock and add the 'Damage' charge price via the 'Prices' tab.  For example, the daily charge for a hire item may be $10 per day, and the replacement cost when damaged is $50.

How to automatically charge damages when stock is returned

When returning hire stock via the 'Returns' button on the main screen there is a 'Returned' and 'Damaged' column to enter quantities.  You enter the quantity of stock returned in good order into the 'Returned' column, and any 'Damaged' stock quantities in the 'Damaged' column.

When you enter a quantity in the 'Damaged' column the 'Charge' and 'Dispose' columns appear.  These values default to the quantity damaged.  The 'Charge' quantity will automatically add a new line to the invoice and charge the customer based on the 'Damage Charge Unit' you have set up previously.  The 'Dispose' quantity will reduce the total 'Quantity For Hire' in the item setup, and a stock adjustment record is automatically created to log the event.  Stock Adjustment records can be viewed via Setup > Item Related > Stock Adjustments (Hire & Sales).

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