Damage Waiver

How to set up a Damage Waiver item

  1. From the menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Items.
  2. Click the '+ New Item' button to create a new item.
  3. Enter a Description, e.g. Damage Waiver
  4. Enter a Code, e.g. DW
  5. Select an Item Type that is non hire, e.g. Misc
  6. Check the 'Non Stock' checkbox.
If you intend on using this % charge item on EoM Rollovers, make sure you also check the EoM Rollover item checkbox, or it will not be autocalced on rollover.
  1. Click the 'Prices' tab and select the 'Each' unit in the 'Unit' column.
  2. Enter 0.00 in the 'Sell Ex' and 'Sell Inc' columns.
  3. Click the 'Save New' button towards the bottom the save the new item.

Set percentage calculation setting

  1. Lookup the Damage Waiver item from the Items list and click to edit.
  2. Click the 'Prices' tab.
  3. Click the :: popup menu button to the left of the 'Each' unit.
  4. Select the 'Percentage Calculation' menu option.
    This will open the 'Charge % Calculation' page.
  5. Enter a 'Charge %', e.g. 12
  6. Select whether the percentage is to be calculated on the Exclusive or Inclusive amount.
  7. Select which items the percentage is calculated on, e.g. All Hire Items.
  8. Select whether the calculated amount is to be inserted into the Sell Ex or Sell inc.  The relevant tax is calculated accordingly.
  9. Click 'Save Changes'.

Set the Damage Waiver to auto-add to all new invoices

  1. Go to the 'Auto Add Settings' section towards the bottom of the 'Prices' tab in the Item details page.
  2. Click 'Auto Add Item (As Last Item)' option.

The damage waiver will be automatically added to any new invoice.  This is convenient if most invoices are hire invoices, as it will save time having to manually select the Damage Waiver each time.  You can easily click the cross to the right of the invoice line and remove the line on the occassional invoices where Damage Waiver does not apply.

Set particular customers as exempt from damage waiver

  1. From the menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Sales.
  2. Go to the 'Damage Waiver (Auto Add)' dropdown towards the bottom.
  3. Select the item that was set up as the Damage Waiver item.
    Note that only 'Auto Add' items are listed in the dropdown.
  4. Click the 'Save Changes' button.
  5. Go to Setup > Customers.
  6. Search for and edit an existing customer.
  7. Click the 'Discounts' tab.
  8. Check the 'No Damage Waiver' checkbox if damage waiver does not apply to this customer.
    When adding new sales records for this customer, the Damage Waiver will not be auto-added to the invoice.

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