Sales Stock Control

Sales items are defined by the Item Type the item is assigned to. Given that Sales items are not returned like Hire items are, they work very different for stock control purposes. To calculate the current stock level of any given Sales item, the system looks at the Last Stocktake Quantity, so you should complete a Sales Stocktake first.

The system will add or subtract values based on the following to give you a current stock on hand value:

  • Quantity Sold: All Invoices or Credit Notes with an Invoice Date after the Last Stocktake Date. Cancelled records are ignored.
  • Quantity Used on Maintenance Records: All Service & Repair items on Maintenance Records with a Service Date after the Last Stocktake Date.
  • Quantity Purchased: All Purchase Orders in Received mode with a Date Received after the Last Stocktake Date.
  • Quantity Adjusted: All Stock Adjustments with an Adjustment Date after the Last Stocktake Date.

The result of the above considerations result in your current Qty in Stock.

     Last Stocktake Qty 
+ Qty Purchased
- Qty Sold
- Qty Used
+/- Qty Adjusted

= Qty in Stock
If Branch module is enabled
Branch Transfer Out All stock transferred out based on Dispatch Date.
Branch Transfer In All stock transferred in based on Receival Date.

Read the Help doc on Sales Branch Quantities Here.

Setting up Sales Items for Stock Control

In addition to Qty in stock, there are 2 extra fields that can help you with your stock control, powering alerts, notifications and the Stock Levels & Reordering Screen. These are Normal Qty and Reorder Qty.

Please see Item Setup (Overview) for information on the stock control setup fields.

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