Pin Payments (Receive Payment in Person)

How to receive a card payment

Card payments are received into HirePOS on an invoice by invoice basis via the Invoice page.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Receive Payment button at the bottom right of the Invoice page.  Select the Card Payment (Pin Payments) option.
  2. Ensure all the payment details are populated.
    Most fields will default accordingly.  The payment will default to the balance due, however can be overwritten if required.
  3. For Deposits and Bonds, card details can be saved for progress or final payment.  Card details should be destroyed after the hire is returned and completed.  This can be done via the Sales page by clicking the Credit Card button, then in the popup click Destroy.   
  4. Click Pay Now to receive the card payment.
  5. The payment record is automatically created in HirePOS.
Payment Limit
There is a $6000 limit on card payments
The {ViewButton}
One of the key benefits of using the Pin Payments API is leaving the task of typing in the card details to the customer, to do in their own time. The View Button offers this feature, along with many other benefits. Set up your email templates to use the View Button.

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