Create a Rounding Item in HirePOS

This article is written with specifics relating to the use of the Xero accounting exporter. However, the general process will work the same for users of MYOB, Quickbooks, or HirePOS Premium

It it may be helpful to create a "rounding item" in HirePOS that is mapped to your Xero Rounding account to easily deal with minor variances that can occur as a result of detailed or mismatched rounding processes. For a one-off issue, this may not be required. If your pricing methods regularly cause rounding discrepancies, it will be worth setting up this rounding account.

Create a Rounding Category

It will be necessary to create a category for the rounging item, so we can map the values to the correct account in Xero.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Item Related > Item Categories
  2. Press New Item Category
  3. Name the Category something like Rounding
  4. Set both the Xero Income Code and Xero/ Expense Code to your Xero Rounding Account Code (860 by default)
  5. Press Save New

Create a Rounding Item

  1. Navigate to Setup > Items
  2. Press New Item
  3. Give the Item the description Rounding
  4. Set the Item Type to Misc (or any other type that is not a 'Hire' type, and preferably not a primary sales income type)
  5. Set the Category to the newly created Rounding category
  6. Press Save New

You can now use this item to manually correct rounding variances in HirePOS prior to export by simply adding a line to the invoice and applying a positive or negative 'each' price to it.

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