Delivery/Pickup Locations

If you have any common locations or venues, that re-occur in your invoices to be delivered to, you can benefit from creating these as a Delivery/Pickup Location.

How to setup Locations

You can go to Setup > Delivery Pickup > Locations > New Location to create a new location.

Any information you enter in, will be used in the Delivery/Pickup details of an invoice if selected on a Sales record later.

Customer specific locations

The Customer field at the bottom, defines if the location is tied to a specific customer, or if it's empty, it becomes a "Global" location.

Global Locations - Can be selected with any customer, and refers to a location with NO customer selected. This might be a common Event Venue, or otherwise recurring location used with multiple customers.

Customer Location - This is a location that is tied to one customer only, this could be a secondary Branch of a customer, for example.

Using Locations

If you have a location created, you can select one inside the Delivery/Pickup Details section of a sales record.

Just click the Dropdown arrow on the Address field, and you'll immediately see a list of locations.

You can swap between Global and Customer specific locations via the radio buttons in the dropdown.

This will cause all of the info to be filled in automatically based on your saved Location.

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