Onsite Service Schedule

The Onsite Service Schedule is primarily designed for toilet hire and similar scenarios that require scheduling of onsite cleaning and maintenance services while the item is on hire.  Schedules are set on an invoice by invoice basis, and any number of cleans can be scheduled for an invoice.

How to create a schedule

  1. Edit or create a new booking or invoice.
  2. Click the Service Schedule link to the top left of the invoice line items grid to open the Service Schedule page.
  3. Enter a schedule date on the first line.
  4. Check the No Charge checkbox if the clean is included with the hire.
    Note: This is only an indicator for your records at this stage and does not automate any discounts or charges on the invoice.
  5. Click the Add New Line link towards the bottom left of the grid to add a new line and enter further dates.
  6. Click Save Changes when completed.

How to preview a schedule

  1. From the Main Menu page, go to Reports.
  2. Click the Maintenance report category. 
  3. Click the Service Schedule report.
  4. Select a date range then click Preview.

How to view service schedule on tablet devices

  1. Service Schedule jobs are included in the Delivery/Pickup Schedule.
    To access the schedule, go to Sales > Delivery/Pickup Schedule.
  2. Services are displayed with a spanner icon.  You can also click the Service tab to just show services only. 
  3. Click View Details to preview the invoice details that the service relates to.
  4. Click New Note to add any details about the job if required.
  5. Click Complete to mark the job as completed.

How to find service schedule jobs

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Maintenance > Onsite Service Schedule.
  2. This screen only shows jobs currently on hire, and lists Pending and Completed jobs. 
  3. Search for invoice number or customer name.

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