Returns (Serial Tracking)

Bulk items can be set up as a single item entry in Setup > Items, with the "Quantity For Hire" set as 10 for example.  The list of 10 serial numbers can then be set up via the "Serial Tracking" button in the item set up details screen.  Serial numbers are attached to an invoice line when dispatching items out.  Serial tracking items can then be returned via the Returns screen.

How to return serial tracking items

  1. Click the "Returns" button on the main screen, or alternatively from the menu strip at the top of the main screen, go to Sales > Returns.
  2. Click the "Serial Tracking" Search By option.  This option will default next time you open the Returns screen.
  3. Ensure the cursor is in the "Scan serial barcode" box then scan a serial tracking barcode, or alternatively type in the serial tracking number then press enter on your keyboard.
    The details of the first invoice (there should only be one) that is 'On Hire' and has this serial number recorded against it will show.  The serial number is also marked as returned and effectively the "Returned" column is incremented for that item.  Clicking the "Show" button in the "Serials" column will show all serial numbers that belong to that invoice line, and the "Date Returned" will be populated for any serial items returned.     
    Note that you can 'undo' a return by clearing out the Date Returned value for that specific serial number. 
  4. After scanning all items returned there may be some items still left on hire (indicated by the 'Still Hired' column).
    You can either finalise the return by clicking 'Return Done', and this will take you to the invoice.
    Or you can check the box to "Re-charge items not returned".  Re-charge is like a rollover within an invoice.  Any items still on hire are closed (return date populated) and are duplicated onto a new invoice line, which becomes the new 'On Hire' line.  These items then remain on hire until returned.

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