Percentage Charge Calculation

Charges based on a percentage of invoice items, such as Damage Waivers and Credit Card surcharges can be set up to automatically calculate.

Example: Setting up a credit card surcharge.

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Items.
  2. Click New Item to open the item details page.
  3. Enter a Description (e.g. Credit Card Charge).
  4. Enter a unique Code for the item, e.g. CCC
  5. Select a non hire Item Type, normally Misc.
  6. Go into the Configuration section below, Select the Non-Stock checkbox.
If you intend on using this % charge item on EoM Rollovers, make sure you also check the EoM Rollover item checkbox, or it will not be autocalced on rollover.
  1. Click the Rates/Prices tab.
  2. Select a Unit, i.e. Each, and enter 0 in the Sell Ex or Inc column.
  3. Click Save Changes button towards the bottom to save the new item.
  4. Click the % charge item from the list to edit.
  5. Click the Rates/Prices tab.
  6. Click the popup menu selector to the left of the Unit column.
  7. Click the Percentage Calculation option.
  8. Enter a Charge %.
  9. Select whether the percentage is calculated on the Exclusive or Inclusive amount.
  10. Select what the percentage is based on, All, Hire only, or the previous item.
  11. Select which invoice line column should be updated with the new calculated value (Inc or Ex).
  12. Click Save Changes to save the record.

The percentage charge item can now be added to any invoice when required, and the line will be automatically calculated.

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