Item Packages

Items can be grouped together in a package and added to an invoice in one step, rather than adding each item individually onto an invoice.  This is great time saver.  You can also set specific prices for the package, which allows the group of items to be easily inserted on the invoice at a reduced rate.

Common practice is to set up an item as the package header item, and this item will have the total package price set against it.  You then add all the component items that make up the package onto the Package record and set their prices to $0.00.  If these items are set as ‘Components’, i.e. the Component box is ticked in the Item Type setup for these items, then they will not display on the booking and invoice printouts, they will only show in the invoice page and the delivery/pickup dockets.

Setup an Item Package

  1. Go to Setup > Item Related > Item Packages to open the Packages List page.
  2. Click the New Package button.
  3. Enter a Package Description.  The Code and Category are optional.
  4. Add items to the Package just as you would on an invoice, and set the prefered prices for the Package.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Package Headers

You can also create a Package header item, which allows you to condense the price of the entire package into one item line.

Usually, they are added as the first line in a package, and display the name of the package to the customer along with the total price, and then all other items are set to $0.00

Setting up Package Header Items

  1. Go to Setup > Items > New Item
  2. Give the Item a description, and a item type.
  3. Expand the Configuration section below.
  4. Click the Not Selectable (Package Header) checkbox.
  5. Go to the Rates/Prices tab towards the top of the screen.
  6. Set a standard price for the entire package. Save Changes.
  7. Add the package header to a package and set all other items to $0.00

Now, you've got a package with a total price, without having to display each item's individual price.

Did you know you can also use Component items, for any items you don't want the customer to see on their invoice, such as Marquee pegs?
These Items will still appear on delivery dockets too!

Add a Package to a Sale

In the Quote/Booking/Invoice page, click the cell in the 'Code' column to select an item as you normally would.  Any 'Package' will show with a blue 'P' package icon to the left of the item description.  Select the package to add to the sale.

Adjust Package Item Quantities Proportionately

By default, if you change the quantity of any items within a package, you are prompted to change other items within the package proportionally.  This saves time when adding multiples of the same package.

If you do not desire this behaviour, or have accidentally disabled it and want it to work again, please see this article: Sales Record Prompts and Item Search Settings.

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