Speed & Performance Issues

HirePOS runs on multiple application servers, and workloads are shared efficiently across these servers. We monitor the server metrics regularly and also have alert triggers set to notify us of any excessive metrics such as CPU and memory usage. Before asking us to investigate any performance issues at the server end, we ask that you first run some tests from your end (the web browser end).

  1. Are you using the production app?
    Firstly, check the URL (website address) in your web browser. It should begin with https://app.hirepos.com/ Or if you are using the Beta app to test out some new features before we make them 'live' then the website address may begin with https://beta.hirepos.com/
    If you are using our secondary Beta site, which begins with https://beta2.hirepos.com or any other variation; these sites run on limited resources and may be subject to performance issues.
  2. Check your Internet Speed
    Your internet speed will have a dramatic affect on application performance. Click the link below to run an Internet speed test. Any results under 10Mbps are not satisfactory and you should have your Internet connection tested by your local technician or upgraded to a faster plan. Obviously the faster the Internet speed the better, and you need to make a decision with your Internet Service Provider on the best plan to fit within your budget.
    This is just an example provider, i.e. Telstra. Your ISP may have their own Speed Test site that can test your connection more accurately, however the above site should give you a good indication.
  3. Check your computers CPU & Memory usage
    For Windows Desktop PC's, use the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to show the lock screen, then click on Task Manager to open.
    Example screenshot of Task Manager:
    For other devices, consult the relevant documentation for the device.
    Any CPU or Memory Usage above 90% could be a potential cause of your performance issues. Please consult with your local technician and have your computer checked over.

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