Reminders List (Main Menu / Home Screen)

The right side of the Main Menu on the opening screen shows the Reminders List that notifies you of tasks due for the following records.

  • General Reminders
  • Bookings
  • Returns
  • Events (Events module only)
  • Expenses (Bookkeeping Edition only)
  • Maintenance Services (Maintenance module only)
  • Test & Tag (Test & Tag module only)

If any of these records are overdue they are highlighted with an exclamation mark to the left of the record in the list.  The Reminders List also allows you to view and edit these records directly without having to manually search for them, by double-clicking the record.


All Bookings that do not have a Date From will show in the Reminders List.  Double-click the booking to edit and then enter the Date From when the customer begins hiring the item.

See Also: Sales... Bookings & Invoices


All bills that are in Pending mode will show in the Reminders List.  Double-click the expense when you need to edit or pay the bill.  To pay the bill and remove it from the reminders list you need to switch the bill from Pending to Paid.

See Also: Pay Bills

Maintenance Services

All items that are scheduled for servicing will show in the Reminders List.  Double-click the maintenance record to edit and enter the new service details.


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