Cash Sale [with video]

When entering invoices for over the counter sales that will not include any hire items at all, it is not necessary to record all the customer's details such as name, address, phone number, etc.  In this case you can set up a generic 'Cash Sale' customer to apply these invoices to. 

  • To set up a default 'Cash Sale' customer, go to Setup > Customers and add a new customer.  Enter Cash or Cash Sale as the company (you can enter any generic name you like). 
  • Go to Setup > Preferences > Misc.
  • In the 'Cash Sale Customer' dropdown, select the generic Cash Sale customer that you had set up in the previous step.
  • Click 'Save Changes' button towards the bottom.
  • Return to the main page by clicking the 'Main' option on the main menu strip (or click the HirePOS logo at the top).  You should now see a 'Cash Sale' button on the main page.
  • Clicking the Cash Sale button will open up a new Invoice ready to enter a new cash sale.  

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