Email Templates

Email templates allow you to configure pre-set email templates to be used when emailing a customer.

They can can be set up by going to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates & Settings.

The default template that displays on this screen, is used when emailing Sales records, i.e. Quotes, Bookings, Invoices.


Use the insert placeholder dropdowns to the right of the Subject and Message body to automatically populate text from the Customer or Sales record when emailing.

YOu can find more info on placeholders here:

Example of a Template using Placeholders
Subject: HirePOS Pty Ltd {Type} #{InvoiceDate} for {BalanceDue}.
Content: Hi {FirstName}, Please click the button below to view your {Type}.
In the example above: the {Type} placeholder is the record type (Invoice, Booking, Quote) and {InvoiceDate} refers to the Record's Date. {ViewButton} is a very useful tool, and we highly recommend you have a look at it's use case here.

Secondary Templates

To set up additional templates, click the Other Email Templates button towards the bottom.

Any number of email templates can be set up, these are most useful for setting up a template for Statements, Delivery Dockets & other secondary documents.

Using any of the Standard template names via the dropdown at the top right when editing a template, will be used when emailing the corresponding document.

You can use Secondary templates for Specific customer templates, CRM module and can also manually select them via a dropdown when emailing!

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