Scaffolding Inspections

The following process will create pending Service jobs (for scaffolding inspections) in Sales/Hire > Delivery/Pickup Schedule. Staff can add notes on the inspection, take photos, and mark as completed when done.

Create the Inspection Interval Item

Firstly, we need to create a new item that will be added to Contracts to indicate the job needs to be inspected at regular intervals.

  1. Check that you have an Item Type set up via Setup > Item Related, that has the Component option checked. The Component option allows items to be added on screen, without them displaying on the Contract/Invoice pdf preview.
    See the Component help doc for details on setting up an Item Type with the Component setting.
  2. Go to Setup > Items.
  3. Click the +New Item button at the top.
  4. Give the item a Description, e.g. 28 Day Inspection.
  5. Select an Item Type that has the Component setting switched on.
  6. In the Configuration section, check the Non Stock box.
  7. Click the Maintenance tab in the Item details screen.
  8. Enter the interval number of days, e.g. 28, in the Service Interval (Days) field.
  9. Click the Save New button located at the bottom right.

Example Contract/Invoice

  1. Go to the Sales/Hire > Customer Overview screen.
  2. Select an existing customer, or add a new customer.
  3. Click the +New Invoice button.
  4. Populate the Hired From date to place the job On Hire.
    You can click the Copy button located between the Booked From and Hired From fields to auto-populate the From dates, Booked To date, which will set the job as On Hire.
  5. Add hire/sales items and miscellaneous charges to the Contract/Invoice as normal.
  6. Add the 28 Day Inspection item (that you had set up previously) to the Contract/Invoice.
    There is no need to populate the Unit column, or the Each & Total columns for the line. Just leave these blank.
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom right to save the Contract/Invoice.

Create the Next Scheduled Inspection

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Maintenance > Onsite Service Schedule.
  2. In the first tab (Currently On Hire) you should see the Contract/Invoice previously created. Only services that are due in the current month are shown. You may need to check the Include Next Month's Services checkbox to show any inspections that are due for next month as well, particularly if you are getting close to the end of the current month.
  3. Check the box located to the far left of the row (When you have multiple jobs in the list you can check the box at the top of this column to select all jobs in one step).
  4. Click the Create Service Records button.
  5. A confirmation popup will appear. Click Yes to confirm and create the next service record. Once completed, the checkbox will become a green tick.

View and Complete Inspections

After you create the next inspections, all pending inspections will show in the Pending Services tab in the Onsite Service Schedule screen. You can view and edit all services/inspections for any given Contract/Invoice by clicking the service in the Pending Services tab.

All of the scheduled inspections flow through to the Service tab in Sales/Hire > Delivery/Pickup Schedule as well. See the Delivery/Pickup Schedule help doc for information on this feature.


Going forward, your Contract/Invoices only need the 28 Day Inspection item added in order to show the job under Maintenance > Onsite Service Schedule for the next inspections to be auto-created in bulk. Carrying out this process once a week is all that is needed, given you can create all inspections for the current month (and next month).

If most of your Contracts require 28 day inspections, you may like to check out the Auto-add help doc. You can utilise this feature to automatically add the 28 Day Inspection item to all new Quote/Booking/Invoices.

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