Adding Additional Crew to a Delivery/Pickup Record

This Article assumes you are familiar with the Crew Management module.

By default, Delivery/pickup jobs can only have one Driver assigned to it, but in situations where you have multiple drivers, or staff going out on site for Delivery, Pickup or a Service, you will want to make use of the Crew Management module.

To start with, you'll need to create a new Shift for Delivery and another for Pickup.

  1. Go to HR > Shifts and create a new Shift. make sure the Delivery schedule checkbox is ticked.
  2. Then, create another new shift, with the Pickup schedule checkbox ticked.
  3. Now, open up an invoice that has Delivery/Pickup required, and scheduled.
  4. Go to Extras > Crew management  and create a new Crew job, and assign one of the Shifts you created.

After that, any Delivery or Pickup job with a staff member will cause them to show up against the Delivery/Pickup entry in the Sales/Hire > Delivery/Pickup schedule screen" when previewed at the top right as "Crew".

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