Maintenance Records

New service records can be added via Maintenance > Maintenance Records from the main menu strip at the top.  Click New Pending Service for service records to be completed in the future, or click New Completed Service for service records that are already completed.

Standard Process.

  1. Enter the service start and finish dates.  (Note these dates are taken into account for double-booking alerts).
  2. Enter a brief description for the service, and a technician (staff) if required.
  3. The Meter Reading for the service can be entered if applicable.  When reminded of metered items due for maintenance, this meter reading is taken into account as well as meter readings entered via the Meter Reading fields on the Invoice page.
  4. Detailed inspection notes can be added, and if required you can create a new inspection checklist via the Inspection checklists tab.

Service and Repair costs

Optionally, if you have entered in your parts as item in Setup > Items.

  1. The Service & Repair Costs tab is used to record maintenance expenses for the item and is particularly useful for the Item Return On Investment report. If you need to add these costs to a customer invoice, you can use the Add to cart function.

Inspection Checklists Tab

If you need to create an inspection checklist for the item, you can create it here, and it will be attached to the maintenance record.

Next Service Due

The Next Service Due tab is how you can schedule in reminders for the next maintenance, this can be based on the date, or the meter reading.

Note: this is only applicable to to single routine schedules.
If you have multiple scheduled dates, you will need to create new Pending Services
  1. The Next Service Due tab allows you to set the next meter reading due, or next date due.  Note these are only used for a single routine service schedule, for multiple scheduled dates you should use the ‘Pending’ service option and set the dates due accordingly.

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