Deposit Due Date

Deposit Due dates can be tracked via the Deposit Due field in the Other tab on the Bookings page.  If no deposit or payment has been made by the Deposit Due Date then the booking will show on the Reminders List on the main page as an 'Overdue Deposit'.  They are also listed in Reports > Payments > Deposits Due by Date.

The Deposit Due date can be automatically set for all new Bookings and Invoices (not Quotes) via Setup > Preferences > Misc.  Enter the number of days to default the deposit due and the "Deposit Due Days" field will default accordingly based on X days from the current local date/time that the Booking/Invoice is created.

Moving Forward
Changing this setting will not have an immediate effect on all bookings in your system, but rather will affect new bookings moving forward. Be sure to make any manual changes to existing bookings as required.

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