Stock Levels & Reordering

The Sales Stock Levels & Reordering screen is accessed via the Order menu (or Expenses menu if you're using the Bookkeeping module).

It gives you an overview of both your Hire & Sales stock levels, allows quick and easy reordering via the Cart.

You can use the Filters button to narrow down the list, which is sorted by Topup % by default. The Topup % is calculated based on the Normal, Current, and Reorder values. The higher the percentage, the higher the priority of the items that require reordering.

How to order items

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Order (or Expenses) > Stock Levels & Reordering.
  2. The items list is sorted by Topup %, however you can apply filters and resort as preferred.
  3. Select a Supplier filter if you have your preferred suppliers accurately set up against items. this will narrow down the list to that supplier, and will also automatically choose that supplier when you create a new Order or Quote.
  4. Click the Cart button icon in the Manual+ column to receive a popup to enter the quantity to order.
    OR click the Cart button icon in the Auto+ column to automatically add the recommended Topup Qty to the cart.
  5. Note the Add Cart checkbox towards the top of the screen displays the number of items currently in the cart.
  6. Click the New Order or New Quote to create a new purchase record from the items in the cart. The items will empty from the cart automatically if the Empty Cart after adding? box is checked (which it is by default).

Including Awaiting Purchase Orders & Sales Orders

All stock counts in the system are based on what is physically in stock, however in the Stock Levels screen you have the option to include Awaiting Purchase Orders that are not yet received, as well as Sales Orders that are yet to be invoiced.

  1. In the Stock Levels screen, click the Filters button to expand and show the filter options.
  2. Check the Include Awaiting Purchase Orders checkbox to include purchase orders raised but not yet received.
  3. Check the Include Sales Orders checkbox to include Sales Orders not yet converted to an Invoice.
  4. The list will refresh immediately, and the Current, Topup % and Topup Qty columns will adjust based on these options.
    You can hover your mouse over the Current column to show a breakdown of the Awaiting PO's and Sales Orders, and the Final Stock figure if these were taken into account.

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