Invite New Users [with Video]

The following requires an administrator level account.
You don't have to use your 'business' email addresses (unless you wish to). Your staff can safely use their personal email addresses (the user email address is not 'customer facing'). For a free email address, consider Gmail:
  1. Go to Setup > Preferences > Users
  2. Enter the users email address in the Invite User box towards the bottom of the page, then click Email User.
  3. The user will be emailed a link to set up their new user login. 
  4. After the user registers their login a confirmation email is sent to the primary business email (i.e. the admin user).
  5. You must either click the link to activate the user or forward the email to the user so they can activate their login.
  6. After which they can log in.

If you wish to configure permissions for your user logins, please view the relevant help doc here

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