HirePOS additional users calculation

You can see a full summary of our prices at https://hirepos.com.au/pricing.html

How are number of users calculated?

Users are averaged over the month based on the number of unique logins per day.

For example

You may have 3 different users log in on one day, 2 different users log in on another day, 4 different users log in on another day, and so on.

These numbers are averaged out over the month to calculate an average number of user logins for the month.

It doesn't matter how many times that user logs in that day. It is calculated on how many different users logged in, i.e. unique users for the day.

Say the average user count works out to 1.33 for the month, then that's a 1 user charge. If it works out to be 1.5 or more then it will increment to the next number, so 1.5 average will be a 2 user charge. 2.45 will be a 2 user charge. 2.75 will be a 3 user charge, and so on.

Will I be charged for users that haven't logged in?

In any case, you are always charged for the first user at minimum, as per https://hirepos.com.au/pricing.html.

Many subscriptions in other cloud systems will charge on the number of users you can set up. For example, a 5 user license. So you can only set up 5 users max, otherwise you move to the next pricing bracket. Regardless of whether these users are actually using the system or not, you pay for a 5 user license.

With HirePOS, you only pay for what you use. You can set up as many users as you like to have access to the system, however you are only charged based on the users that are actually logging into and using the system. This is a very fair pricing method that works to your benefit.

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