Pre & Post Inspection Checklists

This document assumes you have already read the Inspection Checklists help doc, and that you have the Maintenance module enabled.

Pre and Post inspection checklists are a variant of inspection checklists that are supposed to be done before, or after a hire.

Inspection Templates Setup

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Maintenance > Inspection Checklists.
  2. Click the Inspection Templates button.
  3. Click the New Template button to open the Maintenance Inspection Template page.
  4. Enter a Template Name.
  5. Enter the checklist items that apply to this template.
    Important Note
    Avoid changing the template after the template has been used against inspections as changing the template setup will alter the template for all inspections the template has been used against.
  6. Click Save Changes to save the template.

Assign Templates to Items

You can assign specific templates as a Pre or Post inspection template in item setup.

  1. Go to Setup > Items > (Edit an item) > Maintenance tab
  2. Below, in the Pre/Post inspections section you can select a template for Pre & Post inspections.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Completing a Pre/Post Inspection on an invoice

  1. On an invoice, an item with a Pre/Post Inspection template selected, will have a prompt saying "Pre/Post Template required"
  2. If you click this prompt, it will open up the Pre/Post Inspections screen.
  1. Items that have specified templates will show as Red if they are not completed, and Green, if they have.

  1. Clicking a red "No (Create" button will open the default template and allow you to fill it in as normal.
  2. Save Changes when done, and the template will be visible from the Maintenance > Inspection checklists screen.

Auto-create Post Inspection Checklists on Item Return

To automatically create a pending post inspection on return, refer to the help doc.

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