Sales Calendar [with video]

The HirePOS Sales Calendar can be found by navigating to Sales > Calendar, or by selecting Calendar from the left-hand side of the home screen.

On this screen we see a similar set of entries that exist on the reminders screen, however, they have been laid out in a logical time-sensitive manner that better describes the timing relationship between each entry. For example, it becomes very easy to see if there are a mass of hires going out or coming back all at the same time using this screen.

Calendar Filters

There is a large range of filters on this screen to limit the results shown to help you see only relevant information. These include:

  • Date From (Sets the start date for the 31 day view)
  • Under the Filters Button
    • Staff (Only shows sales records with a particular staff member assigned to them)
    • Invoice Category (Only shows sales records of a particular category)
    • Inclusion Settings (enable to include these particular record types)
      • General Reminders
      • Bookings
      • Events
      • On Hire Invoices
      • Returned Hires
      • Maintenance Records
      • Include Quotes

Alternative Calendar

There is an alternative grid calendar view (similar to the familiar Google Calendar layout) available by clicking the calendar button just left of the filters button.

This view is handy for situations where you want to be able to think "week by week".

Google Calendar, iCal Feeds and Export.

By pressing the cog button to the right of the filter button, you are able to get access to an iCal feed URL that you can use to automatically show your upcoming HirePOS calendar entries in your google calendar on your phone and computer. 

In addition, there are links to share the contents of your HirePOS calendar with anyone you like, or even export a spreadsheet of all your upcoming calendar entries. 

For more information on iCal, and Google Calendar, please see this related help doc: Add HirePOS Calendar to Google Calendar (Desktop)

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