Bulk Stand Downs

HirePOS has a Stand Down tool built into the sales screen, which effectively works by subtracting a period of time from the total time span of an invoice before calculating the amount of time to charge for (let's call the result "Billable time"). 

(Time Hired TO) - (Time Hired FROM) = (Time Span)

(Time Span) - (Stand Downs) = (Billable Time)

The Bulk Stand Down tool lets you create a Stand Down on many On Hire invoices all at one time. This is especially useful if you have an agreement to not charge some or all of your customers for public holidays or through significant bad weather for example.

In order to fully understand how Bulk Stand Downs work, you will need to first know how to use normal Stand Downs. Please see the related help doc Stand Downs

The Bulk Stand Downs Screen

To access the Bulk Stand Downs page, you will require administrator privileges. You can find Bulk Stand Downs by navigating to Setup > Preferences > Bulk Stand Downs

The Bulk Stand Downs screen will display On Hire Invoices in the system, and allow you to apply a standdown to some or all of these. 

Under the "Filters" button, there are a selection of filters to help you narrow the selection of invoices you wish to affect.

  • Customer Category
  • Include / Exclude "Cash" Customers (Credit Limit = 0)
  • Include / Exclude "Zero Invoices" (Invoices with a Total of $0 or less)

In addition, there is an "eye" preview button for each invoice, which can be helpful in deciding if it should be included in the bulk action.

Invoices that are able to have a Bulk Stand Down will appear in white.
Invoices that do not qualify will appear in orange. One of the most common reasons for an invoice to not qualify is it being overdue (the "Booked To" date is earlier than the current date) 

Applying a Bulk Stand Down

Note: a Bulk Stand Down job cannot be reversed, and any undesired changes that are made will need to be corrected manually on an invoice-by-invoice basis. Use caution when using this tool.

To apply a bulk standdown:

  • Enter a Stand Down Reason
  • Enter the Start Date (the beginning of the "no charge" period)
  • Enter a Finish Date (the end of the "no charge" period)
    • Alternatively, you can enter the Start Date, and use the Time Span to calculate the Finish Date for you.
  • Using the checkboxes, and the filters if desired, select the Invoices to be modified.
  • Review your settings
  • Press "StandDown Invoices"

"...It Didn't Work"

There are 2 common reasons for the Invoice to appear Orange on screen, or not successfully complete when "StandDown Invoices" is pressed.

  • The invoice is overdue (the "booked to" date is earlier than the current date)
  • The finish date set for the StandDowns is later than the "booked to" date on the invoice

In both scenarios, the StandDown will not work, and a red "X" will be displayed where the checkbox belongs.

Checking the Results

A tick will appear next to each invoice that has been successfully modified. You can click on one of the invoices to open it, and navigate to Options > Stand Downs (above the invoice line items) to check that the Stand Down record has been created.

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