Stand Downs

Stand Downs can be recorded against a hire to track and deduct any period the equipment was not usable due to bad weather, maintenance, or otherwise.

How to record a Stand Down against a Hire

  1. Edit an existing invoice.
  2. From the Options dropdown link just above the invoice items grid (below the "Hired From / To" Dates), choose the Stand Downs option.
  3. The Stand Downs List will appear, which shows any stand downs already recorded on this invoice.
  4. Click New Stand Down to add a new Stand Down record.
    If the finish date is unknown, you can leave the Finish blank and enter when the stand down is actually completed
  5. Select the invoice line item.
  6. Enter the start date and proposed finish date.
  7. Enter reason for stand down and any notes towards the bottom.
  8. Click 'Save Changes' to save the stand down record.
  9. Close the Stand Down list to return to the Invoice page.

AutoCalc Invoice

The invoice charges can be automatically recalculated by clicking the 'Autocalc' link just above the Subtotal/Tax/Total area at the bottom right of the invoice page. The stand down period will be deducted from the calculation.

Stand Down Reminders

The stand down will remain on the reminders list until completed as will appear as 'Current Stand Down'.

Complete Stand Down

  1. Click the reminder to open the relevant invoice.
  2. Click Stand Downs from the invoice line options drop down to open the stand down list for the invoice.
  3. Click the stand down to edit.
  4. Tick the Completed box, then Save Changes.

How a Stand Down Works

Stand Downs effectively work by subtracting a period of time from the total time span of an invoice, before calculating the amount of time to charge for (let's call the result "Billable time"). 

(Time Hired TO)-(Time Hired FROM) = (Time Span)

(Time Span) - (Stand Downs) = (Billable Time)

Understanding this will help you decide when a StandDown is best suited to your needs.

If you need to apply a Stand Down to multiple invoices at once, you can use the Bulk Standdowns feature instead!

1/2 Day Stand Downs

If you use a daily rate and have 1/2 day stand-downs the best way to accomplish this is to create a generic "Non-Stock" item, so you can credit the customer.

  1. Go to Setup > Items > +New Item
  2. Expand the Configuration section.
  3. Tick the Non-Stock checkbox.
  4. Go to Rates/Prices tab and assign a daily rate.
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Add the item to an invoice and set the Qty to -0.5 to apply a credit of Half a day for that invoice. as below.

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