QuickBooks Exporter

The HirePOS QuickBooks exporter allows you to quickly export invoices that you have created in HirePOS to QuickBooks. This allows you to take advantage the hire-specific tools in HirePOS, communicate with your customers from HirePOS, and wrap up your accounts in QuickBooks.

Setting up the HirePOS QuickBooks Exporter

Work through the following steps to set up HirePOS to export to Quickbooks.

Note: The following instructions require Administrator privileges

Enable the QuickBooks Exporter

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, navigate to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's > Accounting Integration.
  2. Select QuickBooks Online from the list of available integrations
  3. Scroll to bottom of page then click Save Changes.

Chart of Account Mapping

Currently, COA mapping is not available for the QuickBooks Exporter. The total value of your exported invoices will be recorded against your general 'Sales' account in QuickBooks.

Tax Code Mapping

To ensure that your GST is successfully and correctly recorded, you will need to ensure HirePOS is able to identify the correct Tax Codes in QuickBooks. To do this:

In QuickBooks
  1. Navigate to GST from the main menu
  2. Select Settings > Edit Rates (QuickBooks QuickStart) or Edit GST > Edit Rates (QuickBooks Plus)
  3. Observe your Tax Rates in QuickBooks, specifically the ones related to Sales (Probably GST and GST free)
In HirePOS
  1. Navigate to Setup > Tax Codes
  2. You will need to ensure the Description of your HirePOS Tax Codes matches that of your QuickBooks Tax Rates
  3. Open the tax codes in question, and supply HirePOS with the descriptions seen in QuickBooks

Export Invoices to QuickBooks Online

  1. Click the QuickBooks button on the main screen in HirePOS.
  2. A second browser tab will open, Sign in to QuickBooks.
  3. Enter your QuickBooks credentials and sign in. 
    A popup will appear "Authorize Intuit to securely share your data to HirePOS v5".
  4. Click the Connect button at bottom right side of page.
    You are then redirected to the QuickBooks Export page.
  5. Date range will default to current month.  Change date range to view preferred range to export if required.
  6. Check all invoices or choose specific invoices as required.
  7. Click the QuickBooks Transfer button to send the invoices to QuickBooks.
  8. When complete, simply close the browser tab.

Reposting Invoices

You cannot update an invoice that is already posted, however you can remove the invoice from QuickBooks, and then re-post it from HirePOS.  To flag a record as not synced, you can check a record then click the "Mark As Pending" button.  This will remove it's synced status and the record can then be re-synced back over to QuickBooks.   The "Options" tab includes a setting to show or hide synced records.

Common Export Errors


What it Means

What to Do

You must specify a transaction amount that is 0 or greater

The total value of your invoice is in the negatives (less than 0), and as such is not a valid invoice.

Check if you actually intended to have an invoice in the negatives. If so, consider converting your invoice to a credit note before export.

Make sure all your transactions have a GST rate before you save

HirePOS has not been able to find a matching Tax Rate in QuickBooks.

Ensure you have set up your tax codes in HirePOS as per the Tax Code Mapping section of this document.

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