Discounts (Overview)

Customer Discounts

Customer default discounts can be set against General, Hire, Sales, or Non-Stock items, or on specific items.

In Setup > Customers, click the customer to edit then click the Discounts tab in the customer details page.

General Discount is for all items, or you can enter a set discount for Hire, Sales or Non-Stock.  For specific item discounts click the Specific Item Discounts button.

Specific Item Discounts

In the Specific Item Discounts page, check off the items that require the specific discount.  Click the Apply Special Price button to apply a set price, or the Apply Special Discount button to apply a discount percentage on the selected items. 

Applying Discounts on Invoices

If there is a discount preset against the customer, then the discount will be applied automatically on the invoice.

The discount is shown in the Disc % column on the Invoice page. To manually show the Disc % column, click the Show Disc % link at the bottom right of the invoice items grid. When a discount is applied the Each column will show the normal retail price as per the Prices tab in the item setup.

You can also click the Disc% column header in blue, to apply a discount to all items on an invoice at once!

You can overwrite the retail price if required. To manually apply or change a discount you can adjust the Disc % column directly.

Discount is automatically displayed on the invoice and hidden if no discounts are applied. Discounts can be applied in bulk across multiple invoice lines by clicking the Disc % column heading.

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