Cutting Discs & Blade Wear

Charging for cutting discs and blade wear involves setting up two items. The cutting disc will be an individual metered hire item which is charged out per day for example, and the blade wear will be a non-stock miscellaneous item.

Set up a Selling Unit for mm wear

Firstly, you need to set up a Selling Unit that will be added to the Blade Wear item. This will have a $ rate set against it for charging out per mm of blade wear.

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Item Related > Selling Units.
  2. Click the + New Selling Unit button towards the top left.
  3. Enter mm in the Unit Description field.
  4. Click the Metered tab.
  5. Check the Meter Unit checkbox.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.

Set up a Blade Wear item

The blade wear item will be added to Invoices separate from the Cutting Disc items, to charge for X mm of blade wear. Ideally you need a blade wear item for each different charge rate. After setting up the item, you will add the mm Selling Unit from the previous step to the item Rates/Prices.

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Items.
  2. Click the + New Item button towards the top left.
  3. Enter a Description, e.g. Blade Wear.
  4. Enter a unique Code for the item, e.g. BW
  5. Select an Item Type that you use for Non-stock items, e.g. Misc
  6. Click the Configuration sub-heading, then check the Non Stock checkbox.
  7. Click the Rates/Prices tab.
  8. In the Unit column, select the mm Selling Unit that you set up previously.
  9. Enter your preferred charge out rate per mm of wear.
  10. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom right to save the new item.

Set up the Cutting Disc items

The cutting discs will be set up individually as metered hire items. The Metered configuration will allow you to enter in the disc diameter or blade wear readings via the Invoice screen.

  1. The cutting discs should be set up as individual hire items as per the Adding Items help doc.
  2. In the item setup details, click the Configuration sub-heading, then check the Metered checkbox.
  3. Click the Companions tab.
  4. Click in the Code cell on the first row, search for and add the BW (Blade Wear) item you set up previously.
  5. Check the Required checkbox, and enter 0 in the Default Qty column.
  6. After setting up the remaining hire item details and Rates/Prices, click the Save Changes button at the bottom right.

Now you've completed all of the necessary set up to hire out cutting discs and charge for blade wear.

Recording & Charging Blade Wear on a hire

  1. Proceed to create a new hire as normal, as per the Sales/Hire Records help doc.
  2. Add a cutting disc to the hire.
    Note the Meter From/To boxes will appear below the Cutting Disc item, and you will be prompted for Item Companions.
  3. Click the Add Companions button on the Item Companions popup. The Blade Wear item will be checked by default.
    The Blade Wear item will be added, with a 0 Qty. So no charge at this stage.
  4. Enter the Meter From value. There are two approaches to this.
    1. Method 1:
      Measure the diameter of the disc in mm, and enter in this value as a negative value. On return of hire, you will measure the disc diameter again, and enter the total mm diameter as a negative value.
      e.g. -97mm diameter disc at start of hire. -95mm disc on return of hire. Charge Usage = 2mm
    2. Method 2:
      Enter in the current amount of wear in mm. On return of hire, you will enter in total amount of wear.
      e.g. 3mm wear at start of hire. 5mm wear on return. Charge Usage = 2mm
  5. On return of hire, you will populate the Hired To date, and the Meter Readings section will re-appear, with the Meter To field blank.
  6. Enter the Meter To as one of the methods in the previous step.
  7. A Charge Usage section will now appear to the right of the Meter To box.
  8. You can either manually replace the 0 Qty on the Blade Wear invoice line with the Usage quantity,
    OR you can click the Charge Usage and navigate to the Meter Readings screen, where you can use the Copy Meter Usage To column to select the charge invoice line, and then click Save Changes.

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